The Waters

Dive into the Matrix

with Freedom Doula Kalah Hill

a day long retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica


Where there is water there is life.

and because I am alive, I will go to the water.

You may be the person who needs to be known by yourself and The Waters day long retreat is an opportunity to be seen by you.


The Waters retreat is an extensive day long journey. We begin the day with a private 90 min session to assess the path. As we allow the direction of the day to come through we are then guided towards a theme. The theme is anywhere from one word to a sentence, an archetype, and/or a specific relationship. As I engage in active listening, and you engage in telling your truth, we begin to create and facilitate honest reflection in the present time. The mystery begins to unfold and the teaching starts to come through.

We then head towards low tide, down in the south end of playa guiones, this area of beach untouched, soft and rugged. At low tide we get to see the intertidal zone and explore areas that are typically underwater and now exposed. It’s in the intertidal zone that we will explore the tapestry of what tends to stay below the surface and learn how to navigate a space that involves presence. The tide pools give life to many juvenile marine life. Like a womb these baby sea creatures are given a safe haven to develop and grow. Tide pooling involves a bit of snorkel, discovery of what lies beneath, some sun bathing, chatting, observing, floating and restoring. All the while, building our creativity in play, inspiring connection, guided and unguided learning and spontaneous discoveries. We will enjoy our lunch on the beach and practice a slow moving meditation to digest and integrate what we’ve uncovered.

The evening eases in with a sunset dinner and space for reflection. Any openings that may have manifested throughout the day or moments of ah-ha that have come online are discussed at this time. A picturesque, beach front sunset, is truly the way of pleasure practitioners. By slowing down you give yourself the space needed to remember the fullness of life.


Blue mind

How being near, in, on or underwater can make you happier, healthier, more connected and better at what you do.

Heaven on Earth…

Nosara, Costa Rica is an example of a blue mind space and a community of healing. I have been travelling to Nosara Costa Rica for respite and rejuvenation since 2010. Making it my permanent home in October, 2017 was one of the best choices of my life. As a marine biologist I have been privy to some of the most pristine beaches in the world. Travelling and studying in spots like Tahiti, Madagascar and Catalina Island, none can compare to the essence that Playa Guiones holds. It’s unique 7 kilometers of protected coastline, aids in one of the healthiest most robust beaches I’ve seen. Located in the Guanacaste Peninsula, this special spot is considered a blue zone. One of the top five places in the world where people’s average life expectancy of high. Water is life and the proof is found in the life of the people here.

Will you Step into the blue with me?



A 90 min private session with Kalah

Organic vegan lunch from Naked Foods

Sunset dinner at La Luna

3hr tide pool exploration, snorkel, and play

Blue mind healing and emotional benefits

Support and nurturance for yourself

Ocean ceremony/guided meditation practice

Magic and unfolding mystery of the senses

Wisdom and direction towards self liberation

Integration and realignment of values

Recalibration of nervous system

Pura Vida vibes and simple pleasures

Investment of $799

Contact Kalah for inquiries and availability

Open bookings starting January 2019