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Dive deep into a private mentorship program. Together we will work to deconstruct old habitual patterning that no longer serves you. We will get to the core of what you desire in your life, and create strategies to skillfully traverse change with ease and momentum. Expect transformation. Expect trust. Expect confidence, and expect consciousness. This will be your new norm.  We will work together in building your empire so that you can reclaim your true power. The answers already lie within, I simply give them the space they need to be seen and heard. With no judgement or attachment to outcome I allow you to come to your own knowing. A knowing that is self assured, at ease, turned on, potent and loving.    



"I take pleasure in my transformations. I look quiet and consistent, but few know how many women there are in me."

- Anais Nin


  • 6 month committed practice in rediscovering your creative life force within

  • 30 hours of one on one support via private zoom video advisor calls

  • Emotional and energetic support throughout the entirety of the program

  • 24hr weekday email response

  • Development of support and care as a constant in your daily life


  • $499/month monetary exchange

  • Personal commitment to self love and self care

  • Prioritizing your expansion of consciousness and self awareness

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With love and magic



She asked to caress my womb

and I said sure

as long as you hold me deeply

In every crevice of your room

she told me not to swoon

but the time of creativity 

it is coming soon

she told me to be a divine conduit

this world

we are bringing truth to it

she told me to scrape and claw

only at the jaw

called mother nature

called sacred space-sure

she told me to encapsulate 

every piece of woodwork

Iā€™d ever want to create

into this one womb

so that it could become the relish of all

the aliveness within a tomb

she asked me to project 

and she asked about 

my project

and I said wait 

I do not know yet

she said my dear

can you be unclear?

- Kealia Bonacci -