Kalah Hill, founder of Pussy Consciousness 

I am a love child, a bisexual, a biracial cis gendered woman of color, who has never fit into any sort of box. I was raised by a white single mom whom was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was ten. Although my mom's wild was never tamed and her IQ genius status, she could not escape the low moments of rage and deep depression that would inevitably rear their heads throughout my childhood and adolescence. I learned how to hold space for a mother whom many would choose to abandon. My mother is my greatest teacher, my original home, my guide in showing me how to hold compassion for those who are marginalized. Showing me that every human being has depth, meaning and purpose. My life has been my training, teaching and preparation for my purpose. My own unfolding one that came with natural wisdom, timing, and open arms.

I tried my best for several years to fit the mold that society would liked to have seen me in. I did the "good girl" thing for several decades, went straight to college after high school, got my Master's degree in Marine Biology and worked my ass off in Washington DC trying to keep up with the Jones's.  After years of  self sacrifice and compromise, I finally chose myself. I chose to no longer be willing to compromise myself for anything or anyone. In the summer of 2017 I sold all my belongings and moved to Costa Rica. 

My purpose has now become clear, to be myself and to help others discover their true selves through our innate internal guidance systems. My access point is pleasure. The dark caverns and internal workings of my constitution are now being excavated. I've come to explore these realms through various meditations, self love practices, creative expression and attuning to my sexual nature. Confidence and self esteem are found through radical self love. As the founder of Pussy Consciousness it is my intention to reclaim the wisdom and truth of our humanity by remembering our original erotic source. To be an original within humanity one must actualize and be seen in their truth.  

Pussy Consciousness is a movement. As the place where all human life is created, it is essential to us understanding our humanity. It is time to honor the wisdom of you. I take people on a deep dive into the science, philosophy, energetics, pleasure and transformative strength of their innate nature. 

This movement is revolutionary in that I ask my clients to let go of preconceptions and take 100% responsibility of their lives.  When we step into our truth we begin to choose our freedom. In conscious choice, anything is possible.  This is just the beginning of possibility for you and it’s my pleasure to be your guide.


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