Gratitude and blessings to those who have crossed my path.

Whether brief or intimate your presence was needed.

"When I met Kalah I was intrigued to learn more about her because she showed up with such powerful presence. I am truly inspired by her as she is someone that really walks her talk and lives with integrity, it was clear to me when I heard about Pussy Consciousness that I needed to work with her. I have learned so much about how I show up in this world as a woman, wife and mother and how I strive to improve this daily. Kalah keeps me accountable to the teachings, not only does she reflect the spaces which need transforming so that we can thrive but she also challenged and continues to challenge me to break down labels and barriers that keep me small. Her guidance has helped me navigate through some of the greatest obstacles I've faced. Working with her has been a true joy and gift!" 

- Mar Bianchi - Artist and Mother

"This Journey is so much more than Pussy. I don’t even know how to put it in words. It’s so intense at times. We hold so much. We are so much stronger than we think we are. I can see how the things I’ve held onto so tightly has affected me spiritually, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This class is more than I even thought it was going to be. It took me on a whole different journey. A good journey. A journey that is freeing. I feel a sense of self love and confidence. It’s refreshing. I feel like I’m finding myself finally. I’m connecting to my true self.” 

- Rhonda Speights - Health Coach

"Working with Kalah made me realize that I didn't have to go through life alone. I felt so blessed to be working with her as I went through a major life transformation. There are specialists in this world that help you get through life. You go to the doctor, dentist, doula...duh. Wow, thank you Kalah for your love and light and positive energy. This truly was one of the best investments of my life."

- Nikita Shiel-Rolle - Marine Biologist and Entrepreneur


It’s the shadow that defines the light, and the light that casts the shadow.

To the shadows and the light, thank you for showing me what I am.

“Kalah's course has sparked another level of consciousness in me. What I’m letting go of is judgement of what it means to not have experienced a lot of pleasure in my life. I now believe that on the other side of this pain is a lot of pleasure. I've begun to expand my capacity to hold both pain and pleasure. No longer holding the story of pain and pleasure but holding their essence. This class really woke up a major integration within me. I’m inspired to learn more about intimacy and relationship. Women can hold a lot. That’s something that I’m taking away from this class. I am so much stronger than I think.” 

- Dana Regan - Founder of the Somatic Soul Coach School

 I have been working diligently on my own personal growth as well as the personal growth of my private coaching clients for more than 5 years.  I had broken through so many exciting barriers to living a richer more fulfilling life. There was one area that I really didn’t know what I didn’t know.  I mean, I am a mother of two, a have been a wife, a lover, a friend, a confidant, a leader… and yet, something was still missing on this journey to empower all of the beautiful parts of myself.  I had been very successful in my life by societal standards. — the coveted jobs, sexy cars, travel, a beautiful family, yet there was the last frontier of personal development yet to be explored.

For six weeks I grew in perspective and understanding of myself and the world around me from a totally new perspective.  My superpowers have been revealed and I look forward to more fully allowing myself to traverse this world with my new found knowledge.  Today I am able to accept and love myself more deeply.  I am more powerful.  And I am on a brand new and exciting journey of personal growth and rich living and connection.  I appreciated all of the resources provided.  My learning continues with new-found enthusiasm and commitment to self.  I more fully understand that the more I know and love myself, the more I will know and love others.  Living a rich life is my top priority.  This work supported me in this objective.

- Jeneen M Masih - International Life Coach

Kalah is a wise, insightful woman. I truly believe she is a wisdom keeper and a medicine warden. She is so grounded yet superbly in touch with the mystery of ethereal essences. Kalah is experienced in the realms of darkness and pain and she has traversed them with acceptance. This now allows her to be unafraid of them and to welcome it into herself and it shows in her work. She has a way of being such a true sharer of love. She also brings a certain fierce love to the table- she can be stern and disciplined, yet soft and delicate. She has a high level of understanding of herself, the structures and archetypes within society, the mental and physical habitual patterns within beings, the way the feminine and the masculine intersect, emotional intelligence, and universal spiritual principles that permeate planes of existence. She uses this vast depth of knowledge to really understand all facets of a person to the best of her ability and to then offer the illumination of a spot of awareness that one may be missing as well as giving encouragement in advancement in a specific area of life that tone wishes to change, improve, or move through. She comprehends within the felt sense of her being what happens in the dance of sexuality and sensuality, as well as how men and women have pervaded each other in society and how voices have been shut out. She welcomes health and love into the mainstream conversation and full, radical acceptance of one’s self. She speaks of how we need to be kind to ourselves and sweet to our inner child, yet also stern with ourselves when the time calls for it. 

Kalah has a widespread array of knowledge and understands the shadows of the psyche as well as the beautiful bloom of the light. She understands creativity and its fears; she understands beliefs and their termination and cultivation; she understands patterns that are in service and what it takes to skillfully traverse new realms of changing behavior. She gets what it is to listen deeply and to take action, while also being an expert in surrender and finding slowness and pleasure.

Her motto? Pussy never rushes and yet she is always on time. 

Kalah walks sensually and lives fully in the presence of being. She knows her intuition and she knows her mental capacity. She is an expert at living in the way of listening fully to her body; whether that is rest or working out, a green juice or 3 brownies. 

I would recommend working with Kalah if you are willing to welcome new aspects of yourself that you have been longing to connect with. 

-Kealia Bonacci - Writer and Somatic Life Coach