Collective conversations

Awaken the collective consciousness

It Takes a Village

Be supported in actualizing your self love with others who are ready to remember their radiance and truth

 The COLLECTIVE CONVERSATIONS monthly group call creates support, care, attention, listening and reflection. In a world where surface level conversations and small talk occupy most social settings, this space is created for people to come TOGETHER and listen to EACH OTHER. Sharing stories of deeper truths and awakenings. Creating connections, friendships, space for reflection, insight, and stability in our pursuit of self love. It is through these connections that one begins to remember the POWER IN BEING themselves. Engage with full expression within community, reflective opportunity and cooperative learning. Get to know people in your orbits of influence and begin to expand your capacities of FREEDOM, TRUTH and SELF LOVE.

group commitments

We are committed to the following agreements, we honor these values and hold ourselves accountable to expanding our love

Truth - I honor integrity

Revolution - I honor change

Fluidity - I honor flow

Creation - I honor birth

Reclamation - I honor responsibility

Turn On - I honor the light

Depth - I honor the dark

Inclusivity - I honor wholeness

Sensuality - I honor my senses

Solidarity - I honor unity

Humanity - I honor human beings

Love - I honor my heart

group Outcomes

As a result of meeting, listening, sharing and learning. You will discover recognizable outcomes in your being. With support change is possible.

Break down of social programming and outdated conditioning

Navigation tools to traversing change

Skillful emotional intelligence

Understanding and awareness of sexuality and sensuality

Depth of daily felt experience

Awareness and integration of identity

Slowing down and coming into ease

Committed clear and intentional focus

Reestablishment of relationship contracts

Self compassion, understanding and love


"When we are not connected to our innate life force, we are directionless.

We use other people's expectations in place of our own internal compass. When we are not plugged into our divinity, we feel inadequate - and therefore we're willing to accept inadequacy" - Mama Gena


  • Live monthly 2hr group zoom video conference calls

  • Login from anywhere in the world with Wifi access

  • Meetings take place on the third Wednesday of every month from 7-9pm EST


  • $25/month *membership can be activated and terminated at anytime

  • 2hrs/month of group work

  • Engaging with and prioritizing support and self love in your daily life

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With love and magic