Dive into truth, liberation, sensuality and self love.


Pussy consciousness is a shift in perception that harnesses and utilizes our deepest knowing as human beings.

Owning our truth in the way we speak, the way we work and the way we love.

Honoring our place of origin, the pussy and the wisdom that lies there. We begin to remember ourselves in the process.

Will you deep dive with me? 


Self care and Indigenous thanksgiving Recognition

A 48hr Invitation

11.22.18 - 11.23.18

Cart opens at 12:00am on Thanksgiving and closes at 11:59pm on the friday after

$495 for 3 private sessions

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10% of proceeds will go to Honor The Earth Foundation


Dear One,

On this Thanksgiving I ask you to honor the truth. The foundations of colonization on which we celebrate Thanksgiving do not provide us with liberation. The average American spends $165 participating and observing this holiday. This is a 3 part invitation, ($165x3 = $495), to reclaim truth and take the necessary steps towards liberation.

Your 3 private sessions will support:

Self care ($445) Indigenous rights ($25) and Mother Earth ($25)

What would happen if you chose to support these three facets in your life? What if you prioritized your self care, the efforts of the indigenous tribes of North America, and supported the protection of lands and waterways for future generations? We are the protectors and change makers. We can rewrite the story of Thanksgiving. Honor the truth of gratitude by honoring your original home and mother, the people who fight to protect her and by honoring your well being.

The path to liberation is long. Go with grace and compassion.

With love and magic,


What is pussy consciousness?

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